Elegant Weddings team has done a beautiful work, I was very satisfied with their professional approach and elegant work. I take this opportunity to thank Elegant Weddings Team in making it a special day, and special thanks to Roxy, Tina and Grever.

- Aquil Abbas, Bangalore

Elegant Weddings- Great Work!! You surpass yourselves everytime!!! Sooooooo proud of you! Your work looks surreal and we keep getting awestruck every time!!! Your attention to detail and aesthetic sensibility is really worth commendation!!!

- Marisha Peter Santhiago, Malaysia

The decoration was awesome.. I just loved it and especially people who came for the party too loved it. Even today, whoever had come to the party, speak only about the decorations. Thank you guys a lot for doing such a wonderful job. Thanks once again and pleasure working with you.

- Shruti Murthy, Bangalore

Thanks for the beautiful decorations and this indeed was such a well done and well Organiser reception for me.. all timely done and it made our day so beautiful and tension free! Thanks to Grever and Roxy for coordinating and getting things sorted so beautifully and tastefully ..... I for sure was so happy that I decided to choose your company to do my wedding!
Thanks again!

- Vanshika Sharma, Bangalore

Getting really creative
Specially love the wine barrels!!!

- Noella Ferrao, Bangalore

Beautiful!! i didn't realize i was seeing the same photos over and over again... Kept looking until I had seen the album more than thrice!

- Valene Varela, Muscat

Wow! Gorgeous! You are too good!! Very Elegant and professional. Every design is diffferent! At this rate you will be on top soon, flooded with lots of assignments .

- Pushpa Gomez, UK

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT WORK GUYS!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!! JUST AWESOME!!!!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU BOTH!!!

- Afshaan Majeed Khan, Ukraine